Provide old-fashioned Customer service using modern technology

Our full-feature platform provides video and voice conference call directly from your website, or remotely through embedded scripts.

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What is NoGi?

NoGi helps bridge the gap between traditional and technological customer service. It provides a limitless virtual customer service experience using secure, high-quality video and voice conference calling directly from your website.

Key features

Our goal is to provide a state-of-the-art remote/virtual customer service experience.

High Quality Video

Our high-quality video sessions allow you to communicate without visual or audio distortions. No pixelation. No weird robot sounds. Just professional, seamless conferencing.

Private Conversation

We know businesses have to rely on their service providers to protect their data. That’s why NoGi connect offers built-in encryption as the default setting, and a wider array of security settings in-app.

Multi-Person Chat

NoGi connect allows you to invite anyone with an email address to your video or voice conference. So if your customer service rep needs back-up, or your clients need advice from a family member, all you have to do is invite them in.

Create Recordings

Having a record of customer interactions can be crucial to improving your business. Whether for training, or just because you can’t remember precisely what a client said, you’ll be able to capture audio, video and screen-sharing activity.

Screen Sharing

Share your desktop and presentations with others on the call.


Add your NoGi Connect Widget to your website to allow customers to call available customer service reps instantly.

Next Generation, Engaging Customer Experiences

Convenient customer service options are always in demand, and that demand has only grown because of the pandemic. Now, these convenient options have become essential to business success. Our tools help build customer trust, loyalty, and satisfaction with personalized virtually face-to-face meetings.

Collaborate and Join with Representatives Across Departments

Our solution allows customer service representatives from multiple departments to collaborate quickly to help make the experience seamless for their customers. No more transferring clients to another department, you’ll be able to get all the problem solvers on one call.




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